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City Hunter OST Track List

Release Date:05/20/2011
1 사랑 愛情 – 임재범 (任宰範)

2 사랑(Inst.) – 임재범(任宰範)


Release Date:05/24/2011
01 사랑 愛情 – 임재범(任宰範)
02 Memories of Love (Acoustic Guitar Ver. 기타 : 박주원 Park Joo Won)
03 Memories of Love (Acoustic Piano ver. 피아노 : 김지수 KimJi Soo)
04 사랑(Instrumental Ver.)

Release Date:06/03/2011
1 So Goodbye -종현 (샤이니) 鐘鉉(Shinee)
2 It’s Alright – 양화진밴드 (Yang Hwa Jin Band)

Release Date:06/10/2011
1 큐피트 걸스데이 (Girl’s Day)
2 큐피트 (Acoustic Ver.) 걸스데이 (Girl’s Day)
3 Morning Garden V.A
4 Dead Or Live V.A
5 Sad Run V.A
6 Middle Point Symphony V.A
7 Nice Play V.A
8 Red Water


Release Date:06/15/2011
1 Suddenly -김보경(金寶京)
2 Lonely Day -J-심포니(J-Symphony)
3 City Hunter(Inst.) -오준성(吳俊成)
4 Aria of the City(Inst.) -오준성(吳俊成)
5 NaNa’s Theme(Inst.) -오준성(吳俊成)
6 Glory of the City(Inst.) -오준성(吳俊成)
7 Mama’s Crying(Inst.) -오준성(吳俊成)


Release Date:06/23/2011
1 그대만 봐요 규리 (카라)
2 그대만 봐요 (Inst.) 규리 (카라)

Release Date:07/06/2011
1 그대와 난 레인보우
2 그대와 난 (Inst.) 레인보우

1 I Love You, I Want You, I Need You 애플 망고
2 멈출 수 없는… 손한별
3 I Love You, I Want You, I Need You (Inst.) 애플 망고

Release Date:07/27/2011
1 사랑 임재범
2 그대만 봐요 규리 (카라)
3 I Love U, I Want U, I Need U (Sweet Acoustic Ver.) 구하라 (카라)
4 I Love You, I Want You, I Need You 애플 망고
5 너에게 만은 남자이고 싶다 Hunter
6 그대와 난 레인보우
7 멈출 수 없는… 손한별
8 사랑이 끝났다 애플 망고
9 Memories Of Love (Acoustic Guitar Ver.) 박주원
10 Memories Of Love (Acoustic Piano Ver.) 김지수
11 사랑 (Inst.) 임재범
12 그대만 봐요 (Inst.) 규리(카라)
13 그대와 난 (Inst.) 레인보우
14 I Love You, I Want You, I Need You (Inst.) 애플 망고

Release Date:09/29/2011
1 The Fire Of Love
2 Hot Spade
3 Endless Crying (Cyber Voice Ver.)
4 Always Here
5 Fire Flower
6 Liar
7 Yellow Party
8 Puchai Waltz
9 Black Warrior
10 Attention
11 Kwang Hwa Moon
12 Puchai Love
13 Gun Fighter
14 Deep Inside
15 Eagle Eye
16 Sad Run
17 Red Water
18 Nana’s Theme
19 Nice Play
20 Morning Garden
21 Aria Of The City
22 City Hunter
23 Glory Of The City
24 Dead Or Live

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